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Below you will find all information, tips and useful tidbits for your Stereo Sunday adventure!


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Ticket types Stereo Sunday 2024

 Also this year, the well-known day tickets (which give you access to the festival site on Friday or Saturday) as well as the weekend tickets are available in our webshop. New this year are the VIP tickets that offer you, the visitor, several exclusive benefits.

Here you will find all the information about the (exclusive) advantages and access rights that a specific ticket gives you:

Friday Ticket
This ticket gives you access to the festival site only on Friday, July 5.

Saturday Ticket
This ticket gives you access to the festival site only on Saturday, July 6.

Weekend Tickets (Friday & Saturday)
The different weekend tickets (regardless of the stage at which it is bought) gives you access to the festival site on both Friday, July 5, and Saturday, July 6.

VIP Tickets
New this year are the VIP Tickets (which give you access to the festival site on the Friday or Saturday or even a whole weekend).

Friday VIP Ticket gives you access to the festival site only on Friday, July 5.

A Saturday VIP Ticket gives you access to the festival site only on Saturday, July 6.

A Weekend VIP Ticket gives you access to the festival site on both Friday 5 July and Saturday 6 July.

Advantages VIP Tickets
So what are the benefits of such a VIP Ticket?

A VIP ticket allows you to enter the festival through a special VIP entrance, so you do not have to queue. A VIP ticket also gives you access to the VIP deck with free drinks, food and private toilets. You also get a locker to store your belongings. So lots of exclusive benefits!

So quickly check out our ticket shop and score your (VIP) weekend or day ticket for Stereo Sunday 2024!

Personalize tickets

It is possible to personalise your tickets. Normally, as a buyer, you fill in your contact details before you pay. To speed up the ordering process, you can choose to have your tickets personalised after payment.

If you choose this option, after the ordering process and payment, you, the ticket buyer, will be asked to enter your name and contact information before the tickets can be downloaded.

If you as a ticket buyer have purchased more tickets, you can directly fill in the details of the other tickets or invite your friends by email to fill in the details themselves. After personalization, all tickets can be downloaded, one at a time or all at once. At that time, the tickets are also emailed separately to the email addresses provided.

I've lost my ticket, what do I need to do?

Don't panic, you can use the following link to easily find back your ticket: https://eventix.nl/search

I've a weekend ticket, do I have to show it on both days?

Yes, on both Friday and Saturday, you must have your weekend ticket scanned at the entrance to gain access to Stereo Sunday. You will receive a tape on Friday, but this should not as an admission ticket!

Can I leave the festival site and return back later?

No this is not allowed. Once inside you can't leave the festival site.

Are there lockers at the festival site?

Yes, there are lockers on the festival grounds. You can buy a locker for Friday, Saturday or the whole weekend. The lockers have a size of 25x27x40 centimeters. Costs are €7.50 per day (including service charges) or €12.50 per weekend (including service charges).

How does it work?
You can go online via lockeronline buy a locker. Anyone who has bought a locker online will receive an email from Lockercompany the day before the festival with his/her locker number and pin code. It is also possible to buy another locker via the QR codes at the lockers on the spot.

Attention Lockers are limited in availability, gone = gone. If you buy a locker for the entire weekend, the code will work for both Friday and Saturday. Lockers can be opened in between.

Opening hours & location

On Friday, the festival lasts from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. On Saturdays, the festival lasts from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. Location: Juliana Park Venlo.

Minimum age

Stereo Sunday is open to visitors for ages 16 and up. 

Transport & accessibility

Stereo Sunday takes place annually in at Julianapark in Venlo, right opposite the NS Station. That makes the festival easily accessible.

View more about accessibility by means of transport below:

Bike or by foot
Do you live nearby? Take the bike or come by foot. There are sufficient bicycle racks available where you can park your bike.

Bus trips are organized from different regions that will drop you off close to our festival site.

Organising your own bus trip? Good job! Please reach out to info@stereosunday.nl for receive more information about the route and parking options.

Coming to the festival by car? The festival site is right in the centre of Venlo. Navigate to one of the car parks or use the many parking zones. About a 15-minute walk away is a car park near the VVV-Venlo stadium, you could possibly park here too.

Are you coming with an electric car? Make sure it's charged sufficient… There are only a limited number of parking spaces where charging stations are available.

Public transport
Stereo Sunday is easily accessible by public transport.

The festival takes place in the Julianapark on the 'Deken van Oppensingel' in Venlo. Plan your trip quick and easily via 9292 Travel Planner and NS Travel Planner.

Close to the park is the bus and train station of Venlo. It's a few minutes walk to the festival site.

Kiss & Ride
Will you be dropped off at the festival site? You can use the Kiss & Ride zone at Venlo station for this. Follow the signs nearby the festival site and follow the instructions of the traffic controllers. Navigate to 'station square Venlo'.

There are several taxis lined up to take you home after the festival.

Looking for bus transport from the region?
Carefree bus travel to Stereo Sunday? Our partner Party Travel will be happy to help you out!
Choose a pick-up point near you and sign up. Sign up by going to Party Travel's page below.

Sign up

Party Travel operates from Roermond, Heythuysen, Roggel, Helden, Panningen, Sevenum, Horst, Venray, Nijmegen, Maastricht, Deurne, Helmond and Eindhoven, among other places.

If your pick-up location is not listed, request it by sending a DM via instagram. See you at Stereo Sunday!

Bring a valid proof of identity!

IMPORTANT! Beside your ticket, you'll also have to bring a valid ID (passport, driver license or ID-card).

Zero tolerance

Stereo Sunday maintains a zero tolerance policy. This means that all offenses and manifestations of crime and/or nuisance can lead to removal from the site, and the informing of the police.


On the festival site there are three toilet locations. These are located near the mainstage, the food area and near the Kwante Keet.

Can I bring medicine inside?

Medications issued by the pharmacy are allowed on the premises provided they can be shown by means of a medication passport. Medications from the drugstore such as nasal spray or hay fever pills are allowed. You may be asked for your medication by security upon entry. Always cooperate with this.

No smoking in the tent

Stereo Sunday maintains a no smoking policy in the tent. Smoking is prohibited in all covered areas at all times. We enforce this and this may lead to removal from the festival site, and the informing of the police.

Mobile network coverage

We do our best to establish a good mobile connection during the festival. We are dependent on the Dutch telecom providers in this regard. In collaboration with a number of large parties, we do our best so that you can text, call and check your socials as best as possible.

Ecosystem at Stereo Sunday ♻️

Stereo Sunday contributes to a sustainable festival environment by means of the recycling system. Perhaps you are already familiar with the recycle token?! If not, we'll be happy to explain it below!

How does it work?
? At the entrance you'll get one token, keep it safe!
? As soon as you go get your first drink, hand in your recycle token at the bar.
♻️ Every time you order a new drink, you hand in your empty cup / bottle at the bar. You'll then receive your drink in a new clean cup. Don't want a drink? Then exchange your cup/bottle for a recycle token.
❌ Have you lost your recycle token or cup? Then you'll receive a new cup or recycle token for 0.5 consumption.

After the event, all plastic will be collected and recycled. This is how we keep Juliana Park clean together!

Can you buy cigarettes on the festival site?

No, we don't sell cigarettes on the festival site.


Do you have questions about press accreditations or other press-related matters? Please contact us by sending an email to Mark Boots.


Stereo Sunday is completely organized by an enthusiastic group of volunteers. Without those volunteers there would be no Stereo Sunday.

From promoter to set builder… from photographer to electrician. Stereo Sunday is constantly looking for (young) professionals with talent.

Are you interested? Register quickly via the volunteer form.

Payment options on the festival site

Food and drinks can only be purchased during the festival with our festival tokens. These are available at our coin registers. You can pay by card or cash.

One person from my group has ordered all tickets, now what?

If one friend bought the tickets for your entire group, this name will not appear on all tickets. All tickets must be personalized. For personalization see the 'Personalize tickets' block.

Can I get my money back?

Only if the festival cannot go ahead due to restrictive measures from the government, you will get your money back.

Can I exchange my coins?

No, coins cannot be returned!

Can I bring perfume or deodorant?

No, it's not allowed to bring perfume or deodorant to the festival site.

What can I eat at the venue?

This year, there are many different types of dishes on offer, below a small sample of our selection:

- Fries & Snacks
- Kebab
- Pizza & Pasta
- Citizens
- Spring rolls
- Ice cream, sweets & fruits
- XXL Protein bar

Found objects?

These can be collected from the event office at the festival site until Tuesday. After this, everything will go to the Venlo municipality.


 In case you've any other questions, please fill in the form below.